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Areas of Focus

Individual Intergenerational Work

The way in which you have learned to process the world and your experiences in life has roots in the experiences of people in your family that came before you. Although my work with all my clients involves exploring their family of origin, as well as what family looks like now that they are adults, I offer a space specifically for individuals who want to explore their identity through the lens of intergenerational trauma and intergenerational strength. I want you to have a space to explore why you are who you are, while also developing a deep understanding of who you want to be. That work will involve both, embracing the strengths that are rooted in your family and yourself as an individual, as well as releasing the parts of you that developed based on your family’s history and that no longer serve you. 

Multiracial/Multicultural Relationship Work

Relationships are naturally complex because the individual’s within have their own background and history. This inherent complexity increases when the individuals within the relationship come from very different backgrounds and their experiences are shaped differently based on how they see the world and how the world sees them. People within multiracial and/or multicultural couples are constantly trying to balance feeling seen with seeing the other person. I offer a space for these relationships to be explored in a neutral space while also working through a culturally responsive approach. I want to provide a space for you to have conversations with each other about values, beliefs, traditions, fears, and power dynamics in a way that leaves both of you feeling seen and valued for who you are. 

Parenting and Family Work

Parents want their children to have an easy and joyous life. However, the reality of parenting is full of responsibilities and it makes it difficult for parents to prioritize their relationship with the child. Along with the responsibilities, there is also the inherent work in balancing different personality types within a family. This can leave parents feeling like they are losing themselves as individuals as they focus on their children's well-being. 

I offer a space for parents to claim for their own. A space where they can have the spaciousness to process their burnout and exhaustion, along with their joy and fulfillment. I want you to have a space to sort through your own experiences, feelings, and thoughts so that as you move forward in your parenting you feel confident about your choices and with that you get to create the moments of joy in your day-to-day that you deserve, and that help you cultivate a positive and warm relationship with your child. 

My Approach

My Approach

The most important part of my work’s foundation is the understanding that people are doing the best they can with the tools they have. 

My approach is founded in helping you consciously decide what patterns are helpful and true to you, and which ones are unhelpful and need to be unlearned, so that you can feel confident in the choices you are making for yourself or your family, your self-understanding, and your relationships with others. 

I find joy in helping you see all you are already doing that is authentic to you, especially when you are feeling less confident or even at your worst, by offering insight that does not result in more work but instead more harmony and balance internally. This balance will reflect in your relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with others. 

I operate from a strengths-based lens. This means that although I understand and hold space for the pain, trauma, and experiences you have endured, I also hold space for your resilience, your ability to show up for yourself and others, and your willingness to continue to strive for a more authentic life experience even in the face of challenge. 

I work with an identity-first model which recognizes that the world is set up for people who meet a very specific set of standards. This can create shame and stigma about anything that is outside of the norm. Because my approach is holistic, meaning I recognize that each area of a person’s life affects all areas of their life, when working with you I will prioritize all parts of who you are equally. 

I work with evidence based methods, allowing for cultural and/individual adaptations that allow me to always center your well-being. 

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